KLM flight

The 1st KLM flight has just landed in Amsterdam. The 2nd Swiss Air flight is at the airport in Rome waiting to board our flight to Zurich. 

So far everything this morning has gone smoothly.

The first flight had a 2:45 am wake up call this morning so they are going to be really really tired.  We are tired also with a 5:45 am wake up call. 

So far so good this morning. 



On Thursday morning we set out for Rome. After arriving we had lunch and then set out touring the old city. We saw the Pantheon, the Spanish steps, and many more sculptures throughout that part of Rome. 

In Thursday evening we participated in a mass at Santa la Maria Maggiore. This is one of the 4 basilicas that has special connections to the Vatican and the Pope. He visits this basicilica frequently. It was a lovely mass. Video to come. 

On Friday we toured the Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel, and St Peters Basilica, along with the Colliseum and the old Roman Forum. It was a great day of seeing and experiencing the history of Rome. 

Tomorrow we are heading home. Both flights are scheduled and on time.  Hopefully things will go well and we will be on our way home soon. 


We have been so busy that I have slacked on my blog posts. 

On Wednesday we had a wonderful day in Perugia. It’s is a gorgeous city and our concert was warmly received. The Perugia concert was our joint dance/choir event. Our dancers also participated in a Tarantella Italian folk dance workshop. The people in Perugia were so welcoming. We all had a wonderful time there. 


Last night, we took 50 of the students to a private disco tech in Montecatini. It most likely will be a highlight of the tour for them. I hope you will ask them about it. We had a private DJ and the music was great. We were there for 2 hours. 

Things were going great and about an hour in to the dance, 5 random teenage boys from Spain walked in. If it wasn’t cranked up enough, that liked it into overdrive. I don’t know where they came from but they brought extra energy and excitement to the event. 

We are tired this morning but on our way to Perugia for our next concert tonight. 

A gorgeous day in Florence

Today we visited the Academy Museum and saw the famous David statue by Michelango. It is stunning piece of art and a highlight in Florence. I can say that after lunch your children spent a lot of your money shopping in the Florence marketplace. We had beautiful weather. 

We are now back at the hotel and the kids are getting ready to go to the hotel disco. They are really excited. 

After tonight we will be 1/2 way through the tour. Tomorrow we head to Perugia for the dance workshop and joint choir/dance performance.  

2 busy days

We have had 2 busy days. Sunday we spent the day visiting the Cinque Terre region in northern Italy. It was truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. We did get wet, it rained on us but it didn’t dampen our spirits. 

Yesterday we spent our first day in Florence seeing the sights and singing our first concert. We had a wonderful performance for a small but extremely receptive audience. It was a meaningful experience. We are now in Montecatini preparing for another day in Florence and the disco tonight. 

All is well and we appreciate all of your support. 

All travelers are on the ground on Italy

Our first group is in La Spezia this afternoon already checked into the hotel. Group 2 is on the bus with me traveling now to La Spezia.  All travelers are safe and on the ground in Italy. We had a few queasy stomachs on our flight but all are safe. 

Tonight in Italy is daylight savings time so we will lose an hour of sleep. Even better reason to go to bed early tonight. 

Our adventure begins… More to come.

A highlight for group 2 was getting to take a bus out onto the Zurich airport runway and enter the plane from the ground. It’s a small thing but it was fun.